Earth-Friendly Ceremonies

Going Earth Friendly

When you’re passionate about our beautiful planet, you will want a ceremony that has as little impact as possible. I am very enthusiastic about bringing eco-ethical standards into my ceremonies, whereby every inclusion in the ceremony is either environmentally-sustainable, ethically-sourced,

Ceremonies for Everyone

Ceremonies for Everyone

Ceremonies are all about people celebrating: celebrating their life events; celebrating the community they live within, and even celebrating the earth they live upon. And everybody is welcome in ceremony. I envision a future where a young person marks their

Where to start your ceremony?

Your Ceremony – where to start

You know you love each other, and you want to formalise this love in a really special & unique way. You have a general idea of how you want your ceremony to look – and maybe you’re also curious about

Intentional wedding ceremonies that honour our Earth

Creating a meaningful space to help you manifest your marriage dreams together

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Imagine a wedding day founded in heritage or spiritual traditions. Imagine that the rings have been exchanged, and as you family & friends watch, your celebrant brings forth a beautiful length of cloth. She explains that she hand-wove it in

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We decided to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary with a handfasting ceremony that embodied our spiritual path of Druidry. We had a few ideas of what we wanted, but Jenneth took it to the next level. Not only was it perfect for us, but our friends and family were included in the ceremony in the most beautiful way. Jenneth set out the space perfectly, set the mood of the ceremony with drumming and singing, and even went as far as memorising and reciting the lines used in our original Wedding. We can't recommend Jenneth enough, her presence brings a peaceful but powerful energy, and our handfasting was something that we will hold dear for the rest of our lives.

Chris & Glenda, NSW