Altar in the forest

I chose to dedicate my life to ceremony, as ceremony is a deeply sacred act.

Ceremonies allow us to step into the true feelings and importance of those life passages we experience.  Events like birth, becoming a grown person, choosing a life partner, creating our own family, entering eldership, and finally, death.

Imagine your finding, falling in love with, and choosing your life partner…but having no way to celebrate that. Imagine no gathering of family to make that commitment public; no blessings by friends on your life ahead. No “special day” to commemorate this momentous pledge being made.

Without ceremony, these poignant moments in our life are forgotten, and all we have left behind are days and days of “work” and years of grey tedium. But when we take a step fully into those life experiences, when we actively seek to gain insights & understandings, we gain essential awareness’s about ourselves.

Ceremonies offer us a structure to understand and then integrate the ways our lives change.

And our lives change when we leave adolescence, marry, have children, reach eldership, and die. Every life transition presents us with an opportunity to see our live in a different way, and to make changes from that new point-of-view.

Welcome to The Green Celebrant ceremonies.