I believe it is of great importance for our young women to know from an early age how sacred their bodies are.

Imagine that as a girl approaches her First Bleeding, there is a sense of anticipation & an understanding of what is ahead of her. See her surrounded by the woman who love her, who support her with stories & blessings & gifts. See that young girl gaining the strength of these gathered women, learning of the strengths of her body & her Womanhood.

Imagine a young woman stepping into Womanhood with pride.

A Maidenhood Ceremony is about supporting the young woman in our communities – our daughters, granddaughters, nieces & friends – so that they understand the innate power & responsibility of being a Woman. Of the potential for them to give birth to new life.

To a Maidenhood Ceremony I bring:

  • A passion for women’s ceremony & a wealth of ceremony experience
  • Authenticity, honesty, patience, respect & understanding
  • A creative heart & an organised mind
  • An understanding of the need for women together together to mark the changes in their life
  • An awareness of the power of women gathering together in sacredness


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