Woman hugging a tree

When you’re passionate about our beautiful planet, you will want a ceremony that has as little impact as possible.

I am very enthusiastic about bringing eco-ethical standards into my ceremonies, whereby every inclusion in the ceremony is either environmentally-sustainable, ethically-sourced, recycled, reused or repaired.

For our planet is magnificent.

From the underwater kingdoms to soft-sanded shore lines; from hidden caves that echo ancient mysteries to the deepest, reddest sands that spread far under the sun; from icy caverns and wind-swept tundra’s, to luscious forests that stretch across mountain ranges.

When you see the earth like this – when its beauty is inescapable – you are moved. Touched so deep within the heart in such a way, that you will never be the same again.  Forever, you will feel a quickening of your heart, you will take a deeper breath, and your eyes will drink in the exquisiteness of the planet around us. When this happens, you bring this love – this cherishing – into every part of your life.

And your wedding is no different.

Bringing in that love, showing that cherishing through ceremony, is on of the most powerful ways we can show our devotion to our planet. And I am passionate about helping you create your ceremony as environmentally-friendly as possible. Welcome to Green Celebrant ceremonies.