As a registered celebrant, and practicing priestess, I offer ceremonies that celebrate life & our earth.

In 2001 I discovered the power of ceremony, and practiced rituals with other women that celebrated the moon & the seasons. At that time I was completing a degree in Visual Arts, and loved how my art become another way to express this connection I felt with the beautiful world around me.

Five years later, I began to lead my own ceremonies, working with many different people who all walked their own paths with passion and truth. I began to understand what would work in a ceremony, and what wouldn’t. Those early forays into leading ceremony were important learning experiences for me. That, and the patience of my beloved friends as we tried many different things to see what would truly enhance the intensity of a ceremony.

While my ceremonial experience grew, I was still living a separate life in the corporate world. I felt the dissonance between these two lives – one with uniforms and policy manuals and staff meeting minutes; the other with sometimes simple, other times elaborate ceremonies by moon rises and sunrises.

In 2017 I made a big decision, and I left the corporate world, dedicating myself to ceremony and teaching.

As a long time pagan, and passionate creator of ritual and ceremony, I realised that sharing space with other people was one of the most sacred things I could do. I wanted to be the most authentic version of myself that I could be – and that meant setting aside all the things society told me I “should” do, and following my heart of what I actually felt called to do. Alongside my work as a Steiner teacher, weaving in ceremony work has allowed me to feel whole.

In November of 2021 my husband and I received the news that he had terminal cancer, and before the Summer Solstice he had passed. This brought home so strongly how important a priestess and celebrant is for holding ceremony, and I was grateful that a close friend could step in to fulfil this role of holding space for the grief and celebrating 15 years of marriage. Going forward, it has given me a bittersweet experience of the power of ceremony for loss, grief and healing.

As a triple Capricorn, I love that my closest friends describe me as compassionate, supportive & curious about life … as well as focused and organised.

I find that having a structured side to myself means that I can see the way different parts weave together into ceremony, and I can understand and see that natural flow. As a very creative person – musician, artisan, graphic designer & writer – I bring a powerful balance to that systemised-side of myself. Like walking between two worlds, I can feel the inspiration, and I can also express it. And I thank the gods everyday for this gift.

As a pagan, I hold a deep reverence for our earth, and all living beings that we share it with. And as I try to live a life that is based on eco-ethical decisions, I try to do so with some compassion for myself too, for sometimes I stumble in my intention to do no harm to this world.

But why ceremony? Because it is essential and sacred work in our modern world, and I feel called to it.