Ceremonies for everyone

Ceremonies are all about people celebrating: celebrating their life events; celebrating the community they live within, and even celebrating the earth they live upon.

And everybody is welcome in ceremony.

I envision a future where a young person marks their 18th birthday in a special and unique way that is empowering, with their community around them; where a woman enters menopause with joy and her community marks this movement to eldership with honour; where a woman is preparing to give birth in the days ahead, and her whole family is gathered around her to offer their strength and hope for the journey she is about the finish.

I offer a vision of a world where people’s uniqueness is celebrated. Where a couple of the LGBTIQ community are as blissfully wed as a couple who are celebrating their pagan beliefs; where women drum for hours during the birth of their friend, and another woman sits quietly in trance while she gives birth; where a community remember one who has died in a way that is passionate, powerful & sacred.

Where the celebration of love is all that is important.

When I craft a ceremony for someone, we explore all the ways to bring out the deeper meaning of the moment and the event being celebrated. Welcome to Green Celebrant ceremonies.