Entering Motherhood – that time in our lives when we are responsible for creation – is a profound time in a woman’s life.

Imagine a woman seated with another by a river under a Full Moon. See the photographs of her children lovingly placed alongside a statue of the Mother Goddess. Know that in this ceremony, she is acknowledging the great responsibility she took on board with the birth of her children – a responsibility that she can now see as Sacred Guardianship. See her understand that for the rest of their lives, they will need sustenance, nuturance, guidance & love from her, to varying degrees. And this ceremony is her declaring that intention out to the world.

Imagine another woman preparing for a birth – the birth of a project, creativity. This woman may have been unable to, or made a choice not to, have children of her own body. Instead she focuses her energy on nuturing and growing others around her through her planning & labours. This woman claims the responsibility of Motherhood as much as any other woman.

Imagine a woman stepping into Motherhood with a deep understanding of the responsibility she both guides and guards.

A Motherhood Ceremony is about supporting woman who are preparing for children, or who may already have a family around them. It is about acknowledging & holding that sacred responsibility we have for those things we create.

To a Motherhood Ceremony I bring:

  • A passion for women’s ceremony & a wealth of ceremony experience
  • Authenticity, honesty, patience, respect & understanding
  • A creative heart & an organised mind
  • An understanding of the need for women together together to mark the changes in their life
  • An awareness of the power of women gathering together in sacredness


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