Funeral lantern at ceremonyImagine a funeral ceremony that truly expressed the life & loss of your beloved.

Imagine your family gathering to farewell a dearly loved member. Imagine that the sorrow is very deep within everyone’s heart, and many eyes are bright with tears this day. See a ceremony that acknowledges this sorry, that doesn’t resist the loss that everyone is feeling, but offers a place for it to be held, gently & compassionately. Imagine the ceremony truly reflecting the life of that family member, the celebrant offering genuine words of grief and comfort. Imagine that at the end, there is space for people to be together, to talk and cry and maybe chuckle at antics and old stories.  Envision a ceremony that isn’t stuffy or too formal or disconnected, but a ceremony that is heartfelt and authentically supported by your celebrant.

A funeral ceremony is a commemoration of death & and a celebration of life.

It is a gentle balance between grief to be expressed, and a holding of the possibility of moving forward with life. A funeral ceremony should celebrate the life that was lived, and the joys that that person brought to the lives of everyone else; it should mark the great loss that is also being felt by those left behind; and it should offer a tender promise of life moving forward from this place, somehow.

To a funeral ceremony I bring:

  • Experience & understanding of the end-of-life ceremony experience
  • Compassion, respect, patience & authenticity
  • A Calm heart & an organised mind
  • A sacred outlook to life & openness to spiritual expression in ceremony


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