Imagine a ceremony where a woman, weeks before she gives birth, begins her birthing journey with her beloved friends & family surrounding her.

Imagine a woman with a bared, very pregnant belly, sitting surrounded by her closest friends and family. See that one by one, each person comes to her, and while adding a painted symbol to her belly, offer her blessings for a safe birth. Hear the words they speak to her: “May you find deep breaths within you,” – “May the child’s head point downwards at all times” – “May the birth be quick!” And as they finish painting, each one offers her a soft kiss on her cheek and a loving smile, which she will remember weeks later, as she goes into labour.

A blessingway ceremony is the sacred & intentional alternative to the baby shower.

It offers a woman a chance to be pampered and loved by her closest friends and family. Sometimes a blessingway can include the painting of a belly with organic paint or henna designs; the creation of a natural mobile to go over the child’s crib; a creation of a special “cup” that she will drink from during the labour; or even the creation of a vision board for her to take with her to the birthing. A blessingway is a means by which a soon-to-be-mother is honoured by her community.

To a blessingways ceremony I bring:

  • A passion for motherhood ceremony & a wealth of ceremony experience
  • Authenticity, honesty, patience, respect & understanding
  • A creative heart & an organised mind
  • An understanding of the need to mark the pre-birth of a child in a spiritual manner


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